Using the Power Within By George Allen Blacken

Using the Power Within helps you discover how to obtain power to change your life and bind the source of your biggest opposition. The purpose and necessity of having supernatural power is shared with you. Without supernatural power, you will never fulfill your purpose or obtain the highest quality of life God ordained for you to have. Discover how mankind lost the power and how you can obtain and use the power that you are ordained to have. Know the boundaries of power and use the power within to change your destiny forever.

This bible study version of Using the Power Within contains a lesson outline, five lessons, and focus review questions for discussion.  The bible study version is only available directly through Apostolic Pentecostal Alliance Books LLC.  To order, e-mail us at or call us at 7033468367 to specify quantities.  Send a check or money order to:

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The cost for each bible study booklet is $8.00 with free shipping and handling if mailed within the United States, Alaska (AK), Hawaii (HI), Puerto Rico, or Guam.  For other locations, please inquire about shipping and handling costs.

Update: Due to COVID-19 impacts, orders for the bible study booklet version of Using the Power Within have temporarily been suspended. The paperback and e-book versions of this title are still available to order online.