30-Day Bible Study Book by George Allen Blacken

Learn how to use the Bible to make your life better! 30-Day Bible Study Book is designed to help you discover how to use the Bible to achieve spiritual and natural successes, better understand God's will and fulfill your purpose, see how the Bible fits together, improve relationships with others, etc.

30-Day Bible Study Book contains thirty bible study lessons that provide further insight on understanding how to use the Bible, scriptural interpretation, salvation, deliverance, prayer, healing, finances, spiritual authority, spiritual gifts, purpose, relationships, stress management, success, end times, dispensations, covenants, ages, witnessing, discipleship, and more!

These accessible lessons help you apply the Bible to situations we face every day. Notes pages are included with each lesson so you can reflect. Discover biblical principles that will supply you with strategies, tactics, and adjustments for both spiritual and earthly successes.

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