Happiness as an Independent Variable Second Edition

"The writing is beautiful, filled with insightful passages, and the author's voice comes across clearly. Happiness as an Independent Variable is a well-researched, masterfully articulate book that contains gems of wisdom to help readers unlock the door of happiness in their lives." - Arya Fomonyuy for Readers' Favorite

For the complete review, refer to: Readers' Favorite Review

30-Day Bible Study Book   

"I purchased this book about 2 weeks ago; and I always get joy when I get my hands on a book like this one. The author truly has his finger, indeed, on the pause of what a true spiritual walk in victory in Christ looks like in this life. I can appreciate reading material that has a true connection to the scriptures. The word of God is "a light unto my path;" and the teachings in this book certainly help in brightening that path of understanding. It is good 30 Day Bible Study. I look forward to sharing it, and recommending it to my family and friends." - Elder R. Twitty

Time, Seasons, and Deliverance: How Time Works for You

"Excellent scriptural explanation of the authors revelations by the Holy Spirit! Connected scripture to every idea so easy to fact check! Wish it was longer, I really felt I received good edification and communion with Gods Word throughout the read. Praise Jesus for revelation and discernment in the Spirit!" - Rachel Gomez

"If you are waiting for God's promises to appear, this is the book you need to read. Can lift you to the next level of faith. Profound." - Kindle Customer

Black in the Beginning: Researching Black History Through Bible Scriptures 

"I truly enjoyed this book. The fact that the author backed everything he said with Scripture made it that much better. He didn't go off of hear say.
For every black person who wants to know his real history, I recommend this book! It is a must read!" - Pam J.

"A great book" - Kyanni

"This beautiful work of literature is eye-opening, thought provoking and just absolutely mind blowing! You can sense the love and dedication it took for the author to delve into such a hot button topic. Thank you for opening up the eyes of our understanding." - WDBSr

Using the Power Within 

"There is spot to chew on in this book you just got to apply the word of GOD and live the life GOD expects you too well written book" - Kindle Customer

"I recommend this book for anyone who is feeling alone, helpless, and hopeless. This book will remind you that God is always with you and the Lord truly does have plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Your strength is in the Lord. God bless you." - Kindle Customer

"Small, yet so important for me to learn all this book offered. I really learned much reading this book. I will probably re-read it many times
Thank you thank you." - Kindle Customer

Vicenary: A Collection of Black and African Culture Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories 

"What was seen were fresh, accessible stories featuring unforgettable characters. I am so glad that I went with my gut on this one. Every story stands on its own but left me wanting a complete novel or series for each. I have never read stories like these before. For the first time in a while, I felt like I was actually reading something new!" - Floyd

"I enjoyed reading this quality set of science fiction and fantasy stories that I could actually share with my grandchildren but still have the depth and nuances that I would appreciate as an adult. It touched me that my grandchildren also read many of the stories and were excited about the characters and action featured in them. Having characters truly representative of what they understand and go through, hooked them in the stories. I liked how the stories had meaning behind them. No book is perfect, but there was nothing presented in this collection that diluted the intended messages or made any of the stories hard to enjoy. This collection is so unusual because it is a rare modern case where there are things people of multiple cultures, age groups, religious beliefs, and political views can actually come together and enjoy. This book is highly recommended. " - Liz