Happiness as an Independent Variable Second Edition by George Allen Blacken


Wouldn't you rather be happy instead of sad, angry, or worried?  Our traditional perceptions and common understandings of happiness oftentimes fail to lead us to true happiness.  With this book, you will discover that happiness must be treated as an independent variable if you are to have and maintain the long-term state of happiness. This is not a denial of reality, but instead a repository of truth walking you through the acquisition and sustainment of lasting happiness.

You will discover:

  • The relationship between sadness, anger, and worry and overcoming their contributing factors.
  • Why true happiness is never achievable through the traditional means of how most of us define and measure happiness.
  • What is meant by happiness being an independent variable and how this applies to our lives and the situations impacting us.
  • God's responsibility for your happiness.
  • Being the complete you at all times.

Live the rest of your days with lasting, authentic happiness. Live in bondage no more! This tenth anniversary edition is the definitive version with something new for everyone.

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Using the Power Within by George Allen Blacken

Using the Power Within helps you discover how to use the power of the Holy Spirit to change your life and bind the source of your biggest opposition. The purpose and necessity of having supernatural power and spiritual authority are shared with you. Without supernatural power, you will never fulfill your purpose or obtain the highest quality of life God ordained for you to have. Discover how mankind lost the power and how you can obtain and use the power that you are ordained to have. Know the boundaries of power and use the power within to change your destiny forever.  Both pocket book and e-book versions are available.

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30-Day Bible Study Book by George Allen Blacken

Learn how to use the Bible to make your life better! 30-Day Bible Study Book contains thirty bible study lessons that provide further insight on understanding how to use the Bible, scriptural interpretation, salvation, deliverance, prayer, healing, finances, spiritual authority, spiritual gifts, purpose, relationships, stress management, success, end times, dispensations, covenants, ages, witnessing, discipleship, and more!

These accessible lessons help you apply the Bible to situations we face every day. Notes pages are included with each lesson so you can reflect. Discover biblical principles that will supply you with strategies, tactics, and adjustments for both spiritual and earthly successes.

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Five Things the Church Should Have Told Me by George Allen Blacken

There were some things we should have learned in or from the church that were never taught to us. The Lord also has a plan for you to get ahead in this lifetime. Discover and learn how to apply the five things some churches should have taught us to obtain the quality and longevity of life that the Lord scripturally ordained for us to have! Put the key pieces of your life together and no longer be left out, left alone, or left behind. Invest in yourself with this book today.

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Black in the Beginning: Researching Black History Through Bible Scriptures by George Allen Blacken

Learn how to use the Bible to discover foundational black history and our origins. Explore using the Bible as a historical resource to:

1) Know the true name of Africa, where human life began, and who was there at the beginning.
2) Understand the truth about Noah’s sons and their descendants.
3) Prove the mixed heritage of the Israelites and Jesus’ true roots and what this means for your lineage.
4) See the prophetic word from Deuteronomy chapter 28 foretelling the African Slave Trade and its aftermath.

Knowing our origins will lead us to additional successes and new sustainable solutions for overcoming continual systematic problems that have hindered prosperity, unity, and progress. You owe it to yourself to read this historical reference for yourself and your children.

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Time, Seasons, and Deliverance: How Time Works for You by George Allen Blacken

Turn time from an enemy to an ally while better understanding what God is saying to you over time. Explore biblical principles answering questions on:

1) The truth about time.
2) What drives the timeline of your life.
3) Knowing how purpose, plans, processes, faith, and hope manipulate time.
4) Understanding paths, time windows, seasons, types of years, and the scriptural significance of numbers.

This is not a book on time management, but instead on time mastery. Have an understanding of the times to know what you ought to do. Reading this book will be time well spent for you and others.

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The Storefront Church Advantage: Transforming a Monument into a Movement by George Allen Blacken 

Learn how a church can be transformed into a dynamic, impactful movement, regardless of size. Explore the original church's strategy and discover new tactics to:

1) Become the heartbeat of your community.
2) Understand the core beliefs of wickedness in high places and their plan to destroy families and the church spiritually, politically, socially, and economically.
3) Have a plan and utilize the power given to you to prosper and protect your family and community.
4) Turn what was perceived as a disadvantage in the ministry into a foundation for a movement.

Knowing what the church is and is not, what our enemies are up to, and how to use what we have to make a bigger difference will inevitably result in us taking back our families, transforming neighborhoods into communities, and expanding territory for the Kingdom of God. Being a smaller church is not a huge disadvantage but instead an immense opportunity. Discover new opportunities presented in this book today! Others are depending on your decision.

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Having an Anointed and Appointed Home Church Guide by George Allen Blacken 

Turn your home into a sanctuary and have gatherings that will form lifelong friendships, a powerful fellowship, and an accessible path to new spiritual heights and greatness. Transform your community inside-out going back to the basics that have memorable, profound impacts. In this concise, but comprehensive home church guide discover:

1) If a home church ministry is for you.
2) How to start up, plan, organize, conduct, maintain, and grow a home church gathering.
3) What it takes to experience dynamic spirit filled gatherings and how to do water baptisms and communion like a pro.
4) The next steps for converting your ministry into either a network of home churches or a public church.

Experience the joy in winning over family, friends, and others who previously would not set foot inside a church! Just imagine what will come to pass when you give this book a try for yourself.

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