Happiness as an Independent Variable Second Edition By George Allen Blacken


Wouldn't you rather be happy instead of sad, angry, or worried?  Our traditional perceptions and common understandings of happiness oftentimes fail to lead us to true happiness.  With this book, you will discover that happiness must be treated as an independent variable if you are to have and maintain the long-term state of happiness. This is not a denial of reality, but instead a repository of truth walking you through the acquisition and sustainment of lasting happiness.

You will discover:

  • The relationship between sadness, anger, and worry and overcoming their contributing factors.
  • Why true happiness is never achievable through the traditional means of how most of us define and measure happiness.
  • What is meant by happiness being an independent variable and how this applies to our lives and the situations impacting us.
  • God's responsibility for your happiness.
  • Being the complete you at all times.

Live the rest of your days with lasting, authentic happiness. Live in bondage no more! This tenth anniversary edition is the definitive version with something new for everyone.

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Using the Power Within By George Allen Blacken

Using the Power Within helps you discover how to obtain power to change your life and bind the source of your biggest opposition. The purpose and necessity of having supernatural power is shared with you. Without supernatural power, you will never fulfill your purpose or obtain the highest quality of life God ordained for you to have. Discover how mankind lost the power and how you can obtain and use the power that you are ordained to have. Know the boundaries of power and use the power within to change your destiny forever.  Both pocket book and e-book versions are available.

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